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"The only impossible journey is the one you never begin."
-Anthony Robbins

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The journey to this robot can be easily explained by elaborating on the acronym that functions as its name. “Highly Adaptable Robotic Vehicle” is a perfect description of the robot as we first envisioned it. The robot has many components that are fine-tuned to accomplish each individual task. It has an arm that helps it harvest corn and other vegetables, and a bucket to hold any game pieces for easy transportation of goods. We have a mechanism that was designed by our build team that can precisely and effectively plant seeds in the exact placement that helps them grow to paramount success.
“Essential Sustenance Tending” is equally applicable to the robot. Farming is extremely essential to our everyday lives as well as the ecosystems that sustain all of us. If we do not care for the things that sustain us, how can we expect those entities to remain effective sustenance to us? We must care for our resources, and sometimes we cannot spread our time and energy out enough to cover everything. This is where HARVEST comes in.

HARVEST was originally created for the purpose of assisting farmers who are spread too thin. These farmers are the individuals who curate our very sustenance, and they deserve some help. Robotics has been integrated into almost every industry except agriculture, and most of those industries have become more successful because of this marriage.
Robocon seeks to prove that robotics in agriculture is a step in the right direction for the greater good of ending issues like world hunger and food shortages. Using robots such as HARVEST for work in the field also reduces human risk levels for injuries and illnesses. Overall, the capabilities HARVEST has to harvest, deposit, and care for crops as well as wrangle animals is a great thing for the future of the agricultural industry. Nobody does it better than Robocon.

Article written by:Madelyn Hunter, Webmaster and Engineering Notebook Writer

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